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Stylish Pumpkin Decoration 

It's that time of the year when trees' leaves are turning gold, and grass color is fading, and we all go buy pumpkins to paint and carve in all kinds of creative ways to decorate house and porch. I personally prefer painting since it's not as messy as carving. But carving is what really shows one's artistic skills. Here are a few I found on the web. 

Carved & Painted Flower Skull Pumpkin

I love this design because it's very happy unlike many other designs that are very spooky, creepy and scary.  

Sugar Skull Pumpkin

I like the fact that they are carved & painted. I'd use brighter colors though to really celebrate the Day of the Dead colorful design. 
Source: Pinterest

Artsy Pumpkins

Sharpy Owls. There's even a DIY instruction on this site on how to make one. Or two...or three...
source: LilBlueBoo
This one looks like a flour dusted pumpkin owl. 
Source: HonestlyWtf.  ( I LOVE THIS SITE!)

My Favorite:  Jack Skellington Pumpkin

I actually once carved and painted a Jack Skellington pumpkin myself. Just can't find pictures of it anymore. Here's my favorite - it's simple, and I may actually do it again this year. 
Source: rooolea

Steampunk Pumpkin ( or Steampunkins?)

I'm not sure how these are made, but if you are really into steampunk, you'll figure it out. 
source: EpBot

Hipster Pumpkins (or less is more?)

I bet Brooklyn will have them everywhere, lol. 
Source: theMash
Pumpkin Head
We bought a pumpkin big and round
that lived the summer through
without an eye to look at things...
and now it looks through two.
It used to be all dark inside
when growing on the vine,
but now it has a toothy smile
and face that's full of shine.
~Aileen Fisher

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Posted on 20.10.2015 21:50
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